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I have a background in mathematics and statistics. It might sound stereotypical considering that, but my passion lies in patterns and curves. Composition for me is the most vital part in my photographies, together with lightning. I try to learn as much as I can, and I experiment a lot when taking photographies. It’s hubris to believe that there is nothing new to learn and that things cannot be improved. With more experience and a better feel for what works and what does not, the composition can become more daring which enables more difficult sceneries to be captured in a great way. I rarely plan in advance what to capture, but rather stroll around spontaneously and discover new sceneries as I go along. To prevent boredom I imagine photographs in all things I see, and sometimes they engage me so much that I can’t resist to capture it.

Recently I've been travelling around in Asia for half a year. The countries I visited are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Japan and China. The goal was to see and learn new cultures, beautiful nature and exciting architecture and the goal was accomplished. I also hoped to find new things to capture. Some of those photos  you can find in the Far east gallery.

/Erik Lundberg

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